“Facebook Drug Task Force” Is A Hoax

hoax_alertFacebook recently announced that it will test a “Satire” tag on its content so users don’t mistake fake stories for real ones. That could’ve come in handy this week, as thousands of users fell for a fake report that Facebook will launch a drug task force to help arrest drug users on the site. The article was published in the National Report, a satirical news site that, to be fair, does not feature a disclaimer saying that it’s fake.

“Beginning October 1st, Facebook will be implementing a drug task force designed to arrest those who buy and sell narcotics while using the online social networking site. Facebook is calling the group the Facebook Drug Task Force, or FDTF, and will be monitoring all postings and messages created by its users,” the article read.

In a funny twist, the hotline provided in the article for the drug task force actually put callers through to the Westboro Baptist Church. However, despite the humorousness of the situation, Facebook does possess the very real ability to scan and analyze Facebook messages. This technology is mostly used to catch sexual predators, though it isn’t a stretch to imagine it one day being put to use to thwart other, less serious crimes.