Beware of Free iPhone 6 Scams!

As we have seen countless times before, any time Apple releases a new product, the scammers spring into action. Apple’s release of the iPhone 6 is no different.

Below is an image taken from a scam page setup on Facebook to harvest likes:

win free apple iphone 6

How likely does it seem that you could win a free iPhone 6 just for liking, commenting and sharing a post on Facebook? This is a prime example of the Freebie Scams that we so often warn against.

Scammers build up a massive number of likes on pages like this and then either sell the page off or they keep the page for themselves. The people who have liked the page can be further targeted with spam or scams.

Another popular tactic on these scam pages is to direct users to survey scams. Users are required to fill out surveys and bogus offers with the hopes of receiving the iPhone in the end. Of course the only thing that really happens is the scammers make cash on each survey submitted. Some of these can be particularly dangerous because users often submit their name, address and phone numbers. This can result in identity theft and/or premium cell phone charges.

If it sounds too good to be true, then you are better off not clicking, especially on Facebook.