Chicago Woman Uses Facebook to Rip Off Fellow Moms

Stopping ScamsSeveral women in Chicago have accused a fellow neighborhood mom of ripping them off with advertising and posts in private Facebook groups, according to CBS Chicago.

The accused con artist, Jennifer Vestuto, sold clothing and accessories to her “friends” in private Faceook groups like “Moms of Oak Lawn.” After Vestuto would post about an item in a group, she would invite interested women to her home to display the merchandise. She then offered it to them at an extremely discounted rate and took orders, making the women pay for the items up front. However, the merchandise that the women ordered did not arrive for months, and when it did, it often wasn’t even what they bought. When the moms pressed Vestuto for details or to ask for their money back, she brushed them off.

Security experts warn not to put too much faith in your Facebook connections, and to be wary of any kind of financial transaction on the site.

“A friend on Facebook isn’t really a friend,” fraud expert William Kresse told CBS 2. “You think this person won’t harm me, they understand me, they’re just like me. They may be nothing like you, and they’re doing it solely to get into your money… It really comes down to you: You have to be cautious, you have to be vigilant because social media is virtual reality, it’s not reality.”