Facebook Scam Cheats Children Out Of Christmas Gifts

Stopping ScamsA Facebook page dedicated to helping children in need fell victim to a cruel Facebook scammer this week in Phoenix, Arizona.

The page, called Tender Hearts Christmas Angels Arizona, connects hundreds of children to generous sponsors in the area who provide gifts for the holidays. This year, one particularly generous person offered to buy the gifts for 50 children. The sponsor, identifying herself as a woman named Audreyanna Rodriguez, had been in contact with the group for months, even sharing a photo of a truckload of gifts at one point.

However, this heartwarming holiday story took a dark turn when the person claiming to be Rodriguez didn’t show up at the time she’d promised to drop off gifts. To make matters more confusing, there is a real Audreyanna Rodriguez who claims that the mysterious perpetrators have hacked one of her old accounts and locked her out, and that the abuse she is now receiving for the gifting no-show is undeserved.

“I tried to deactivate it several times and I mean people have gone in there and they’ve changed everything so I can’t even get into it, I can’t do anything,” she said. “I know how it is. I grew up homeless as a kid, I know what it’s like to not have anything to open on Christmas. I would never do that.”

There are still many unanswered questions about this weird case. Namely: why did this person offer to buy these gifts in the first place? They had no real financial motive to do so. Instead, the only thing they accomplished was ruining Christmas for dozens of needy children.