Hackers Will Break Into Your Facebook, Other Accounts For Only $129

skeleton_hackerAccording to a new report from Dell SecureWorks, anyone can hire a hacker to break into a Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo or other account for just $129.

Just like any other business market, Dell says that these hackers provide expert service to differentiate themselves from the competition. (Some even offer after-sales support.) The going rate for hacking a work email is about $500, while some services provide a DIY hacking tutorial for anywhere between $20 and $40. A malicious spender could even “dox” someone (have a hacker dig up and release the targeted individual’s personal information) for only $19.99.

“Prices and goods are not the only way sellers are distinguishing themselves. There also continues to be a focus on salesmanship,” Dell said. “Compared to the report last year, our security experts noted this time around that many hackers were expanding their working hours to include weekends and even promising to be available 24 hours a day.”

It’s a scary world out there, but as long as you secure your Facebook with all of the privacy tools the site provides, you should be fine. Of course, if someone wants to hack you to this degree, it’s pretty hard to stop — but you can at least safeguard yourself enough to slow down an attempt.