[Hoax Alert] Facebook To Begin Charging Users $2.99/mo Starting November 1st

Scammers and Hoaxsters are sometimes not the most creative bunch. We have seen several hoaxes over the years claim that Facebook is going to start charging users.

The latest message is being spread by the website ‘NationalReport.net‘. Here is the photo added to the alert that attempts to make the ruse appear more legitimate:


Of course this is utter nonsense. Facebook isn’t charging now, and according to their own homepage, it’s free and always will be. The creators of this hoax has successfully made the post spread virally on Facebook. They are making money from Google Adsense and other advertisements on the site.

This hoax is rapidly gaining momentum on Facebook. At the time of this report, the blog post has received almost 55 thousand Facebook shares.

Always take a few moments to verify sensational claims like this. You don’t want to be the one spreading misinformation and junk with your Facebook friends!