[INTERNET HOAX] Jackie Chan Dies of Heart Attack

Scam Signature Message: Jackie Chan Dies of Heart Attack


Alternate Message:

R.I.P. Jackie Chan (8/17/11)

Scam Type: Internet Hoax

Trending: March 2011

Why it’s a Scam:

Once you click on the Wall Post link, you are taken to the bogus news site shown above. The site is made to appear like a legitimate Yahoo News page, but looking at the url address shows that is not the case. If you look at the headlines in the right column, you will see links to other sensational, yet untrue stories.

How to Deal with the Scam:

This scam isn’t particularly malicious. It appears the hoax creator is just trying to drum up traffic for the site. This is not always the case, and Facebook users need to be careful where they click. Also, don’t be so quick to share alarming or sensational news. Take a few minutes and verify a story before sharing it with your Facebook friends.

If you or your Facebook friends are falling for tricks like this, it’s time to get yourself informed on the latest threats. Be sure to join the Facecrookspage on Facebook to stay updated on current security issues. Also check out:

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