Maine Police Issue Hilarious Warning To Men Not To Fall For Scams

warningPolice in Bangor, Maine, issued a hilarious warning to men this week to avoid falling prey to Facebook scams involving attractive women who are interested in them.

According to Bangor police, the department has received multiple complaints from men who have fallen for a scam involving a woman from the Philippines who friends and begins chatting them up on Facebook. After things heat up, the “woman” (or whoever) asks the men to film themselves in a sexually compromising situation and send the video to her. After that, she asks for between $300-$600, and if they don’t comply, she publishes the video to the man’s profile for all of his friends and family to see.

Evidently, the Maine cops were tired of dealing with these dumb guys, so they posted a sarcastic “step by step” tutorial for men on how to handle these scams.

“Follow these simple tips,” the cops wrote. “1. Go to the closest mirror. 2. Look at yourself. 3. Give yourself an honest review and realize that there is no reason in the world that an attractive lady from the Philippines wants to be your friend. 4. Return to the computer and delete the friend request.”

That’s pretty funny (and admittedly solid) advice, but it comes from a good place. According to the police, they just want to save these would-be scam targets from embarrassing themselves — and from losing their hard-earned money.