New Trojan Malware Attempts to Hijack Facebook Accounts

malware Microsoft recently announced that it had found a malicious browser extension making the rounds on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that, when downloaded, attempted to hijack users’ Facebook profiles.

The Trojan works by first seeing if the user is logged in to Facebook. If so, it tries to get a configuration file from the website in order to take control of a user’s profile. Some of the malware’s actions have so far included posting “15 YEAR-OLD VICTIM OF BULLYING COMMITS SUICIDE AFTER SHOWING HER BREASTS ON FACEBOOK” in Portuguese with a URL link to a fake video, posting promotions in the comments section of posts and pages, like “Get a brand new Celta paying R$13 per day!!”, and sending out messages via Facebook chat, like “The coolest tune at the moment. It’s really nice!”

Microsoft indicated that the malware has so far only targeted users in Brazil (Portuguese is the country’s primary language), but that it could quickly spread to other user bases. However, they did not say how the malware was spread or downloaded, saying only that: “There may be more to this threat because it can change its messages, URLs, Facebook pages and other activity at any time. In any case, we recommend you always keep your security products updated with the latest definitions to help avoid infection.”

As always, be careful and discerning with any suspicious-looking link shared on your friends’ timelines. Scams like these, offering salacious videos or special deals, often spread virally, with many people falling for their promises along the way.


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