[SCAM ALERT] Facebook Sponsored Weight Loss Product!

Scam Signature Message: Facebook Sponsored Weight Loss Product!

If you see this on a friend’s News Feed or if it is posted directly to your wall, then there is a good possibility that your friend has been hacked. We have seen this posting several times and there is most always a disclaimer from the Facebook account doing the posting claiming that they have been hacked.

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Why it’s a Scam:

Once you click on the Wall Post link, you are taken to the following page:

This page basically serves as an infomercial for an Acai Berry Diet Plan. It appears the hackers are taking control of user accounts and then spamming this message to their friends. The goal here is to use the trust you have in your friend’s endorsement and purchase the diet pills. If you continue reading to the bottom of the page you will see this:

Here you can see that the hackers want you to “Click Here to Get Acai Weight Loss.” I would be very wary of ordering from this company. Acai berries might be the best thing since running on a tread mill when it comes to weight loss, but you will probably find a better deal at your local super market or health food store.

How to Deal with the Scam:

If you see this posted on your friend’s Wall, then try to contact them immediately and let them know that their Facebook account could be compromised. You can refer them to the following post on what they should do next:

Four things you need to do if your Facebook account gets hacked

If you or your Facebook friends are falling for tricks like this, it’s time to get yourself informed of the latest threats. Be sure to join the Facecrooks page on Facebook to stay informed of the latest security issues. Also check out:

Your Ultimate Guide to Facebook Scams and How to Deal with Them

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