Survey Scammers offer fake proxy service to lure kids in

Most survey type Facebook scams entice its victims by offering a peak at some sort of sensational content. Humans are curious by nature, so this is a clever ploy to trap the uninformed.

Another nasty trick of the scammers was discovered this week. It is often a cat and mouse game between parents and their children on Facebook. Parents are concerned about cyberbullying, online predators and other dangers lurking in cyberspace. Teens and tweens can be none too thrilled that mom and dad are monitoring their Facebook accounts or internet activity in general. The latest scam offers a fake proxy server service to those wishing to bypass internet monitoring software applications. According to the scam site, all you have to do is type the web address you want to go to, and the “service” will take you there, bypassing any monitoring or filtering software installed on your system.



One can see how this could be an attractive offer for anyone looking to circumvent a monitoring system, whether it be at home, school or the workplace. Unfortunately, when you type in the web address and click “Go,” you are taken to a site filled with adware, surveys and premium rate service scams. The page also prompts the user to enter an email address. Chances are this is to build an email spam list.

The links to this bogus service have been seen running rampant on Facebook, so take the time to tell any youngsters about the dangers associated with this scam site. You can view additional screenshots of the scam by viewing a blog post by GFI Software here here. ®

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