UK Man Arrested For Selling Counterfeit Jewelry, Bags On Facebook

Fake signA UK man was arrested this week after Trading Standards Officers noticed him selling fake goods on Facebook and other social media. According to officials, they seized counterfeit Chanel and Dior earrings and Michael Kors bags. When law enforcement raided his home, they also discovered over 100 badges with the labels and trademarks of other high-end brands, indicating the alleged crook intended to attach them to more fake goods.

Our teams will continue to monitor social media for the sale of counterfeits and potentially unsafe items,” said Eddie Coventry, Gloucestershire County Council’s Head of Trading Standards. “They have a range of actions available to clamp down on this illegal trade, from sending messages advising them to stop selling through to issuing warrants and seizing goods. Anyone trying to sell counterfeit items should be aware that they cannot hide online. Our officers monitor the Internet as well as the high street.”

Even though this case happened in the UK, it serves as a valuable lesson for Facebook users everywhere. Don’t buy anything on the site unless you’re certain it’s from a reputable dealer, and remember: if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Also, if you’re suspicious of a seller or may have already bought counterfeit goods from them, you can file a report on