Facebook Scam Victim Told By Police To Write Letter Of Complaint To Mark Zuckerberg

If you’ve used Facebook for any amount of time, you know that scams are an all-too-common occurrence on the platform. And to make matters worse, the company makes it virtually impossible to get in touch with a representative if fraud or hacking occurs. And law enforcement officials rarely know what to do about it, either. In fact, police even advised one Facebook scam victim in the UK to write a letter to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself complaining about what happened to her.

According to Facebook user Jane Johnson, her account was hacked and cybercriminals began spending her money. However, she couldn’t reach anyone at the company, and eventually filed a police report. But the cops only told her to reach out to Zuckerberg — a move she knew wouldn’t work.

“I know Meta has a duty of care to protect users from fraud. I have been trying to contact someone at Facebook for nearly three days now but had no luck,” she wrote in a letter which she ultimately never sent. “It is impossible to contact Meta without any way of logging in. If your account has been hacked and the criminals have blocked you from gaining all access, there is no way to reach you. If you do not deal with this urgently I shall be left with no alternative but to report this to the regulator… as there has been a financial loss to my business. There was also a data breach which I shall be reporting… if no action is taken by Meta.”

The bottom line is simple: Facebook needs to do a much better job providing help to victims of fraud so they don’t feel like they have to take drastic and ridiculous steps like this.

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