Facebook Users Complain About Mass Tagging Attacks

Receiving spam messages on Facebook is an unfortunate reality of using the platform. However, according to a report this week, an even more annoying form of spam is increasing on Facebook. Over the past several weeks, multiple users have complained that there has been a noticeable uptick in fake tags on their accounts, with some users receiving dozens a day.

According to these users, they’re being relentlessly tagged in inappropriate content featuring spammy photos and videos. And while they’re able to block tags from being shared publicly, they still must deal with the onslaught of notifications.

“I made my settings so I have to pre-approve everything I’m tagged in. But it’s getting so annoying it might really be what makes me leave Facebook if this continues any longer,” one affected user wrote. “The thing that annoys me the most is Facebook could easily fix this by placing limits on who can tag who, like making it so only friends can tag or some similar limit… I’m imagining innocent elderly people facing this issue and can imagine it being a bit mortifying.”

While it’s unclear how prevalent this phenomenon is, it’s such a blatant form of spam that Facebook should be able to detect it and stamp it out immediately. The fact that the company isn’t is troubling, to say the least.

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