Thousands Of Women Sent Naked Photos To Facebook “Lactation Consultant” Scammer

Facebook scams come in many shapes and sizes, but the most troubling ones target people who are already in a vulnerable state. According to a disturbing report this week in the Chicago Tribune, thousands of women across the country were targeted in Facebook postpartum support groups and scammed into sending nude photos and videos to a fake lactation consultant.

According to multiple women, this disgusting scammer posed as an expert named Cathy Marie Chan and convinced mothers to send topless photos for the sake of “medical assessments.” When some women grew suspicious of Chan’s qualifications, she suddenly deleted all her profiles and disappeared from Facebook, leading these mothers to believe they may have been taken advantage of for sexual purposes.

“We don’t know if it’s a man or what but either way I’m disgusted that I sent that woman anything,” one woman wrote. “She also offered to do virtual vagina assessments (now I would never because at that point I’d know something was up) but this world is so sick I’m just in shock about it still.”

According to experts, it’s not unusual for scammers to target individuals who are in this kind of vulnerable position.

“Scammers regularly target society’s most vulnerable citizens during times of increased stress, and lactation scams certainly follow this established pattern,” the FBI warned.

While this is a heartbreaking and beyond disturbing story, it’s also a valuable reminder to never send private information or content to a Facebook user you aren’t 100 percent sure of. Even if they seem trustworthy, you can never be too sure.

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