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If you love to write, have a nose for the “hidden story” that people need to know then we want to work with you.

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Have a Tip or seen a scam?

Do you have firsthand information about a potential security, identity, or identity-theft story? Send your information to us here at tip@facecrooks.com or tell us here.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Write and publish excellent content: You should be publishing on your own blog and on other reputable sites around the web
  • Don’t Be Greedy: We reject blog posts that are thinly veiled pitches for a product or service. One clue is a post filled with self-promoting outgoing links. We are happy to publish one link to your website in your author byline.
  • Unique: Your content should be unique and filled with interesting details that grab the attention of our readers. Cookie-cutter templates are easy to spot and easy for us to delete
  • Ownership: You should own your content. This means that every word was written by you.
  • Exclusive: Your blog post should be written exclusively for Facecrooks’ readers. You can post a 50-word excerpt on your blog but the full-post should only be available on Facecrooks.

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