New Spy Spam Seeks To Strangle Facebook.

Privacy-Safety-Scams-AA novel scam that has hit Facebook is one that draws users into registering for
new mobile services and spamming the people they known by showing a
profile list. It even instructs users into disabling ad-blocking programs.

Everything begins with a generously worded message form one of the victims “OMG IMG, OMG… I can’t believe this actually works! Now you really can see who views your profile!!! WOAH? –> [URL]”.Just click on the blue link and you will be transported to a site called…so typically spam.

The site is plastered with Facebook style messages which will be the alerts users get when someone is viewing their profile. The page also displays the logo for a rogue face book application called Profile Spy.
Users that visit the spam website are asked to sign up for the Profile Spy application which they will need to “like “ and “share” the page. Right now, 29000 people have “liked” the spam website and 27000 have shared the page. We also understand thatt we must post spam messages at five locations in the website.

Once the users are made to spam their profiles with messages promoting the scam
they are taken to a forced survey. The object of this prolonged survey is only to coax enough information like your mobile number out of you in order that you may be billed $9.77 a month by the scammers.

People should be made aware that Facebook allows no profile viewing since that would infringe all their privacy terms. It will definitely not be considered at Facebook hence people should understand that any message that claims otherwise is a real scam warns Tom Kelchner, a security researcher at Sunbelt Software, who analyzed the attack.

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