Surveys Show Social Network Users Fear Losing Privacy

Privacy-Safety-Scams-AIt appears that internet security still remains the primary concern for people who use the social networking sites in a big way. Of late, the involved businesses have been trying to analyze just how much privacy policy and control on the website affects people.

Some analysts feel that the proliferation of Twitter-like sites where users update their public profiles regularly shows the ease at which users share information online.

The Marist Institute for Public Opinion has in a study found that 50% of the respondents were “very concerned” or “concerned” while the other 50% polled as “not very concerned” and “not concerned at all”. The survey polled 1004 people by phone. Another survey by Webroot, an internet security firm, could throw some light on geolocation, a technique most social media sites are now putting into use. These services will make it easy for users to broadcast from wherever they may be.

Webroot surveyed 1645 people who were serious users of social websites and who owned geolocation ready cell phones. Almost 40% of these phones had geolocation tools already loaded on them.

In this particular group, almost 55% nurtured fears that geolocation would hinder internet privacy while 45% were afraid that they would tip off the burglar to the fact that they were away. However both the studies said women bothered more about privacy than men, while more older people shyed away from giving out personal information than younger people.

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