99% of people can't watch this video for more than 25 seconds

Here is a new twist on one of the oldest scam tricks on Facebook. Never click any links that go out of the way to peak your curiosity or shock you in some way. Especially don’t click them if they are recommended by a friend or posted on their wall. There is a good possibility that your friend has been hacked and their account is being used to spread spam or malware. If the story looks so intriguing, then confirm the validity of it before clicking. Also do a Google search on the title to make sure there are no scams associated with the link.

AVG‘s Roger Thompson clicked through this scam and found out the next thing rogue application does is automatically makes you “like” the page and send out invitations to all of your friends.

After that, a pop up window tries to pass itself as a “Security Check”. It asks you play a game, apply for a gift card, check out some quotes or complete a survey.

Thompson stopped clicking at this point and, you should do the same. It is uncertain what the ultimate goal of this clickjacking scam is, but it is probably one of the sites that wants to chage you $9.95 per month to your mobile phone account. account. Thompson goes on to say, “This is the first time that this writer has seen Facebook controlled remotely like this.” It is also advised to never copy and paste code to your browser window if suggested to do so by a rogue application.

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