Facecrooks Weekly Roundup – December 19, 2010

zuckertimeThis was a big week for Facebook and especially for Mark Zuckerberg. Time awarded him with the honor of being named the 2010 Person of the Year! No small feat for the 26 year old billionaire. Many internet users screamed foul, because they thought Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks was more deserving of the title. The criterion for Person of the Year is the person who does the most to influence the events of the past year. Typically, the award goes to a person responsible for positively influencing human events; however, Adolph Hitler was awarded the title in 1938.

“This year they passed 500 million users. … The scale of Facebook is something that is transforming our lives. One in 10 people on the planet, and it’s excluded in China where one in five people on the planet live,” Time editor Richard Stengel said upon announcing the winner on NBC Television’s “Today” show. You can read the full Reuters article by clicking here.

Other stories we followed this week relating to privacy and safety issues of social networking sites are listed below:

How Facebook saved some Gawker subscribers

Top 5 Tips for password protection

New report calls for online privacy bill of rights

Policing predators: vigilantes blast Facebook for failing to protect children

Scams of the Week

Who Has Deleted Ya

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This Girl killed herself after her dad Posted something on her wall!!

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Other notable Facebook stories we followed:


Hong Kong man in Facebook con bedded 70 women

Town bars student-teacher Facebook friendships

Connecticut schools to censor rowdy teachers on Facebook, Twitter

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