Facecrooks Weekly Roundup – December 5, 2010

All in all, this was an unusually quiet week on the Facebook front…until last night! Well, a few new scams hit, bloggers made their predictions for privacy and security issues to be faced in 2011 and beyond, but nothing really gripping hit the blogoshpere until Sunday afternoon.

Facebook announced via their Twitter account that new changes would be coming to user profile pages:


It is a little too early to tell, but there seems to be a mixed response on the changes. People are reluctant to change, and the traditionalists moan and groan any time a redesign hits the scene. The good news is that no changes to privacy settings have been implemented, so you don’t have any concerns there. Your personal photos do play a more prominent role and are more easily visible than they were before, so now may be a good time to clean up any questionable photos before your boss stumbles upon them.

Thenextweb.com has a good article with on the new changes:

Everything you need to know about the new Facebook profile. The plus’, minuses and surprises.

We will keep you updated on any new information or issues that surface this week.

Other stories we followed this week relating to privacy and safety issues of social networking sites are listed below:

Proofpoint Predicts Top 10 Privacy Issues for 2011

FTC Proposes ‘Do Not Track’ Option For Internet

Top Security Predictions for 2011

Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine

Scams of the Week

‘OMG OMG OMG…I cant believe this actually works! Now you really can see who viewed your profile! ‘ Facebook Scam

‘LOL!! This girl’s BF caught her CHEATING on a STATUS UPDATE!!!,’ Facebook Scam

‘This Stupid Girl got Caught Stripping by Her Daddy on a Webcam,’ Facebook Scam

‘OMG! Her boyfriend dies in her arms right before her eyes.’ Facebook Scam

Other notable Facebook stories we followed

PETA’s Cyber Monday Protest Targeted DKNY’s Facebook Page

Facebook causes one in five divorces in US

The 5 dumbest criminals who were foiled by Facebook

Facebook makes member profiles more personal

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