Facecrooks Weekly Roundup – February 6, 2011

Facebook Scams Profiled this Week:

Mark Zuckerberg – Official Note Today, Facebook reached its full capacity, Starting today..

I’ve just seen who CREEPS around my pics the most on Facebook! You can see who creeps

PLAY Video. OMG! Her boyfriend was SHOCKED when he discovered this girlfriend video!

WOW! I just watched who deleted me from facebook friend list also some b*tches…

omg holy crap , i spent [random number] hours on Facebook last year Check out yours @

My profile views are: [number] Girls Views: [number] Boys Views: [number] Check your..

Facebook Update: Reactivate your Account NOW!

Omg! Taylor was involved in a car accident! R.I.P. Taylor… 🙁

Two Free Spring Break Tickets – Southwest Airlines

Top Stories relating Privacy & Safety:

Calif juror ordered to turn over Facebook postings

Outbreak: United Parcel Service notification malware attack spammed out

Dating Startup Steals One Million Profiles From Facebook

Amazon’s Integration with Facebook is Scary

At Facebook, defense is offense | InSecurity Complex – CNET News

Key lawmakers press Facebook on privacy concerns about user phone numbers and addresses

Afraid of being hacked? Download your Facebook data just in case.

Facebook flaw allowed websites to steal users’ personal data without consent | Naked Security

Should sex offenders have the right to communicate through social media?

Kill The Internet ‘Kill Switch’ – Investors.com

Seven Hints to Stay Safe Online

Two Malware Strains Hijacking Facebook Accounts

Other notable Facebook News:

Israeli driver loses license after clip of him speeding posted on Facebook

Facebook and YouTube Help to Catch Bullying Teens

Grieving mother seeks tougher cyber safety

Parents join in on the fray with cyberbullies

Man travles over 3,000 miles to meet teens groomed on Facebook

Want to block Facebook from your home or office? FBBblock could be the answer.

Facebook Implicated in Rising Number of Teens with Eating Disorders

Thug leaves sick Facebook message after brutally attacking pregnant girl – boyfriend hired him to in

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