Facecrooks Weekly Roundup – January 16, 2011

Top Stories relating Privacy & Safety we followed this past week are listed below:

Facebook grants application developers access to user contact information

Facebook fallacies: Privacy’s among the myths of the social networking site

Infosecurity (UK) – Top three internet scams to avoid in 2011

Average Facebook user doesn’t know a fifth of friends

CBC News – Consumer Life – Fake modelling scout soliciting girls on Facebook

Big Surprise: Anti-Virus Maker Sophos Says Android is More Vulnerable to Malware Attacks

Facebook to Distribute AMBER Alerts, Perhaps Other Emergency Info

Facebook’s New Security Settings: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing!

Facebook Spam Speeding Growth of Mobile Malware: BitDefender – Security – News & Reviews – eWeek.com

Facebook is now rolling out the new profile to everyone – the complaints begin

Scams of the Week:

Girl Fall Into A Fountain While Texting!

I just figured that the Zodiac Signs have changed !

310 FV Free Cash 2011 Bonus [Zynga Official]

What’s New on Farmville?

Check who was spying on you during last year 2010

Facebook will SHUT DOWN! See Official News HERE.

I’ve got ___ Wall Posts from friends on Facebook! How many friends wrote on your wall?

WOW! I Can’t Believe Miley Would Do Something Like This…You Have To See This SHOCKING

1000 Citycash Bonus [Cityville] (Click Here)

Other notable Facebook stories we followed:

2 Florida teens charged with felony over cyberbullying incident

Alleged rapist sends Facebook confession

Cyberbullies now targeting Teachers

Facebook Fights $100 Million Friend Finder Lawsuit – International Business Times

Mark Zuckerberg’s Faceoff with Harvard Grad Trio.. AGAIN..

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