Facecrooks Weekly Roundup – March 27, 2011

Facebook Scams Profiled this Week:

Buzz4U[dot]fr & makkeitbuz[dot]fr – Playing any Videos will Click/Like-Jack your Account!

Video: Who Needs Changing Rooms?

FarmVille Scam Warning: Avoid The Fake Shetland Pony Message.

The beautiful Marika Fruscio shows her breasts on Italian TV!

Get 3000 Credits for any game for Free!

Just applied for my own @facebook.com email account, get one

FarmVille Scam Warning: Avoid The Fake Unwither Clock Message

OMG ! FACEBOOK DELETING all fake profiles at march 26th

haha wow, have you seen this pic you were tagged in yet? LOL

Hows it going [name], Outback Restaurant is giving away free dinner plates for a whole month

Hoax/Scam – Friend Reported You Facebook Warning

Hot Video: Sexy Babe Watch Out

This girl must be Out of her Mind but also a Genius for making This video!

haha check this out!!! Find out what your face will look like 30 years from now

Top Stories relating to Privacy & Safety:

Facebook Profile Spy, Stalker & Creeper Apps – Everything you need to know

YoVille Players: Beware Of Free YoCash Scam And Phishing Sites

Facebook’s Targeted Advertising – Creepy or Cool?

How to Remove Yourself from Facebook’s Social Ads

Petition to Restrict Facebook Application Developer Access to Facebook Chat

Viral and malicious scams spreading via Facebook Chat

7 Tools That Monitor Your Children On Facebook

Facebook, Twitter can’t stop poisoned links

Avoid the Pitfalls of Facebook Places

How to protect your Facebook account from Rogue Applications

Other Notable Facebook News:

Five Things Facebook Should Fix Immediately

WATCH: BitDefender Maps Facebook Scamware Memes

Facebook Bans Users below 13 Years Old

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