Use Facebook for Good not Evil

Facebook was primarily an interactive platform for the college students who wanted to share information, moments of life, viewpoints etc with other students across campuses. But soon, Facebook took all the other social networking sites by storm as it became a popular and highly useful networking site not only for social interactions but for business deals as well.

Facebook has gone a step further and introduced a whole lot of applications which can be of great help for children. In fact, parents should ideally introduce their children to Facebook because it is a site which can teach, train, and at the same time, entertain children. By logging on to the site, children will get to interact with other kids, teachers, family and friends. The interaction will develop their communication skills, and expose them to a 360 degree communication platform. And the best part is, the learning will be subtle and not in form of a boring ‘class lecture’ but as a ‘fun filled’ interactive activity.

Leaving this aside, there are a whole lot of games on Facebook, which can keep children engaged, entertain them and quite significantly, introduce them to practical skills. For example, there is a game called ‘Farmville’ on Facebook. The basic premise of the game is that the player needs to build and manage his farm. If a child plays the game, he will have to virtually do tasks such a tilling the soil, watering the plantations, harvesting, rearing the animals and building a home. Although, the game may sound simple but it is one of the most fabulous games through which a child will be able to learn the necessity of work, the value of money, and the management of resources. It is one game which will instill a sense of responsibility in the child as he/ she owns a farm.

Like Farmville, there are quite a lot of games on Facebook which are simple, entertaining, and yet instill learning. A parent can introduce children to such games and applications, to escalate their persona.


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