Weekly Roundup – September 5, 2010


Facebook Places continued to receive prominent coverage this past week about its features, popularity (or lack thereof) and implementations. Surprisingly, one report stated that 96% of people do not use location based services of any kind. This leaves plenty of opportunity for growth for Places, Four Square and Gowalla. It will be interesting to see new applications and trends as consumers warm up to the idea.


One new application featuring Facebook Places integration that is sure to be welcomed by adventurous singles is called MeetMoi. It is a location based dating application, and you can read more about it here:

Facebook Places Gets a Romantic Twist with MeetMoi Integration

Facebook also rolled out a couple of other features this week. One feature allows a user to subscribe to a friend and receive notifications any time certain actions are taken. Not much is yet known about the privacy controls and options available for users to control acces. This feature could turn out to be a stalker’s dream, and the average user’s worst nightmare.

Facebook is making an attempt at beefing up user security, and one implementation to assist in this endeavor is a remote logout feature. Basically, this lets you see what computers and devices are logged in to your Facebook account, and you have the option of removing those you don’t want to have access.

Follow the links below to read more about them:

Scams of the Week

A week without Facebook Scams would be social media Nirvana indeed, but that isn’t likely to occur any time soon. Some of the top Facebook scams we followed this week are:

tinybuttonFacebook Free iPhone Scam [via Facebook Chat]

tinybuttonSmoking Hot Bartenders Facebook Scam

tinybutton iPad and iPhone 4 Beta Tester Facebook Scam

tinybuttonI Dont Care Button Facebook Scam


Other notable Facebook stories we followed this week:

ALERT: Facicons Is Spreading Facebook Emoticon Spam

Facebook Glitch Let Spammer Post to Walls – PCWorld Business Center

Google Streamlines Its Privacy Policy. Should Facebook Be Next?

Facebook Places Gets a Romantic Twist with MeetMoi Integration

Maryland Woman Sues After Being Banned by Facebook

Facebook Pedophile Hoax Spreads Fear to Parents


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