Beaver, PA school girls target of Facebook slander page

beaver_hoesBEAVER, PA – The Beaver County Times reports that County and state authorities are investigating a Facebook page called, “Beaver County Hoez(new).” This page targets female students from five local school districts and is rife with sexually explicit and insulting postings.

The page was created late Tuesday night and contains the names, personal information and photos on about 25 women. Most disturbing is the fact that some of the females are as young as 14-years-old. The photos display crude and lewd comments and details on alleged sex acts committed.

By Wednesday afternoon the page had garnered thousands of views and even inspired a rap song and video posted on YouTube.

Investigators are attempting to ascertain the identities of the persons responsible for creating the page. False names and aliases were used, so police are obtaining search warrants so they may obtain the IP addresses for those who created and made posts on the page.

If the culprits are apprehended they could face charges of harassment and dissemination of obscene materials to minors. The latter charge is not due to pornographic images, but rather the explicit sexual remarks contained on the page.

Shaquille Vaughn, a 19-year-old college student, became a target of the page after she defended her younger sister against allegations made on the page.

Vaughn isn’t too upset by the page, but she does want it removed. She doesn’t want friends and family members seeing inflammatory and derogatory comments on the page.

Authorities stated that the images of the young girls used on the page were taken from the victim’s Facebook profiles. Berosh, one of the investigators, said people should always be aware that that’s always a possibility with information made public on the internet.

“The students who think everything is private and nobody can get it are clearly mistaken.”

This is the third Facebook page created with similar content. One has been removed and the other has received little attention. Investigators are working with Facebook to obtain information on the page that has since been removed.

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