Boy Gets Suspended for Ranking High School Girls' Sexual Performance on Facebook

oakparkriver_highschoolFacebook once again becomes the arena for the impetuousness, malice, irreverent humor and sexual harassment from a male high school student bent on showing off his skills in a rather inappropriate style.

They say that high school life is a phase in which one should ‘survive’. Hormones run high; libidos run unchecked. Self confidence develops only to have it dismantled by the tiniest bit of rumor. Competition is the name of the game, kill or be killed – dog eat dog. Indeed, some may even claim that the word high school pretty much is a misnomer for hell.

World Domination Plans

“Women are the future, unless we stop them now,” a high school male student bellowed in the student area of Oak Park River Forest High School as he danced around in front of a cheering and at the same time booing crowd.

This young man might be on the brink of expulsion; he is the author of a four page list ranking 50 of his female students according to these criteria: facial features (scored 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest), physical endowments of various body parts (scored 1 to 5), and alleged sexual performance and other profane activities. A brief narrative about the girls’ alleged promiscuity and whether her ‘stock’ has gone up or down is included in the description.

The girls were given cheeky remarks because of race, ethnicity, social background and sexual orientation. They were given impudent nicknames such as ‘Designated Drunk’, ‘New Queen’ and ‘The Amazing Bisexual’.

Facebook becomes the new wall of shame as the list was posted on January 14, printed and distributed amongst the high school students of Oak Park River Forest High School.

Some students allege that these girls are all achievers, academically and socially—some are athletes, others are talented, beautiful, smart and well liked.

After The Dust Has Blown

School spokeswoman Kay Foran stated that a 10 day investigation will be conducted by the officials reviewing the author of the list and others who might have participated in its creating, printing and circulation. Kay Foran further stated that the boy will not be allowed back to school for a week as part of the disciplinary methods under Oak Park River Forest High School’s code of conduct. Counselors have contacted the students on the list and their parents for support and counseling.

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