Hacker Steals Women's Facebook Pictures for use in Sex Site

hacker_predatorA guy named Timothy P. Noirjean from Woodbury Minnesota has just given Facebook users another reason to be more discerning about the people they add to their friend lists. Police have just discovered that Noirjean hacked into the Facebook accounts of young women, stole their pictures, and posted them on sex sites along with their personal information.

One 20-year old woman reported to the police last February that someone pretended to be one of her friends and thereby got access to her personal information. She was simply chatting with the person she thought was her friend when she was logged off her Facebook account. When she tried to log back in, she was surprised to see that her password no longer worked. The next day, she regained access to her Facebook account but then she received a message from her ‘friend’ which contained a link to an indecent site. She was mortified to find three of her pictures on that site, along with her first name and last name. To make matters even worse, her location was also listed. The pictures that were posted were all stored in her email, which practically meant that the hacker had access to that as well. Police found out after investigating that the woman’s friend had been hacked the previous day and had her pictures stolen and posted on the site as well.

The police investigation eventually lead to Timothy Noirjean. They confronted the culprit in his basement and he admitted that he was the one who hacked into the women’s accounts and posted their pictures on the site. What’s crazy is that he pledged that he didn’t know that he was doing anything wrong. Feel free to scoff or perhaps roll your eyes at Noirjean right now. Police found out that the two women weren’t his only victims and that there were actually 92 folders in Noirjean’s computer that contained pictures and names of women. He also had a list of 235 email addresses along with some questionably obtained security information.

Norjean has been charged with 13 felony charges and is scheduled to appear in court this May 26.

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