Actor Chris Pratt Discovers Fake Facebook Profile Being Used To Lure Female Fans

It’s not uncommon for cybercriminals to set up imposter accounts using the photos and identity of everyday people. However, celebrities are particularly vulnerable to this kind of scam, as actor Chris Pratt learned this week.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor discovered a fake Facebook profile set up in his name that was being used to hit on female fans and ask for their phone numbers. Once he found out, Pratt got in front of the problem and published a warning on his Instagram profile.

“Please know, I find this behavior reprehensible. If I find out who it is, I’ll have their account shut down and seriously would like to punch them right in the GD mouth. You hear that imposter!? Stop,” Pratt posted on his Instagram. “It terrifies me to think someone could be hurt, their feelings or much worse, by this imposter/potential predator.”

He also encouraged his fans to educate young people in their lives on the differences between authentic and fake content on social media. Children may be especially susceptible to this, but it’s a lesson we could all learn. It’s always a good idea to be skeptical of random Facebook profiles reaching out to you, especially if what they’re saying seems too good to be true.