Apple Protects itself from Facebook Malware

computer_securityApple’s gizmos and gadgets are all the craze today, which is probably why malware authors have been specifically targeting devices which use the Mac OS. One particularly nasty malware was the one that issues a fake antivirus called “MacDefender” – talk about wolf in sheep’s clothing. But now, Apple Inc. has created a security fix for its OS X Snow Leopard that allows it to sense malware. Upon doing so, it will tell the user to move the malicious file into the recycle bin and to empty the bin as soon as possible.

The new update, dubbed Security Update 2011-003, specifically guards against the MacDefender Malware by checking for it and for any of its variants. Once it does find the said malware, it will quickly and efficiently get rid of the malware and rectify all the modifications that the malware may have done to the system.

Furthermore, the anti-malware software will be updated on a daily basis in order to keep the system guarded against new attacks – unless, of course, the user wishes not to receive these updates, though it’s hard to imagine why anyone would reject them.

However, the new update is still far from perfect. For one thing, it will only protect Mac Users who use OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Those who use older versions were left unprotected. Also, the malware authors have gone on a whole new route so as to spread their “goods”. They have been using Facebook to distribute their malware. As usual, they have tried to appeal to the users’ curiosity (and perversity) in order to make the whole thing more ‘viral’.

The link shows up on your news feed as if it was posted by one of your friends. There’s the usual message trying to lure in a wide audience, saying “oh s***, one more really freaky video O_O… IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn Exclusive Rape Video – Black lady under attack!”

DSK, as some of you may know, is a very controversial figure, and is actually involved in a sexual assault case. If you do click the link, you’ll be taken to a website with a screenshot from a porn movie. If you’re using your Mac, you’ll receive a message saying that you’re facing a very high risk security threat, it then prompts you to download and install the MacDefender software, at which point you’ll have handed over your credit card details to a bunch of malware authors.

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