Man uses fake Facebook account to bait and lure boys for sexual exploitation

cameron horeThese days, it’s pretty difficult to tell whether the person you’re talking to online is really who he says he is. Some people have gone so far as to think up some very elaborate stories so that they can pretend to be someone else or simply steal someone else’s identity.

In fact, just recently, a 27-year old from Christchurch named Cameron Stuart Hore was arrested and charged with sexual exploitation, obtaining by deception, and sexual grooming through online internet contact. He is awaiting a bail hearing on November 22 and is currently in custody.

Hore created a fake Facebook profile using the name “Sarah Ruddenklau” and uploaded a picture of a young woman holding a mobile phone. He used that account to lure in boys, some as young as 11. He sent them nude pictures through his fake identity and persuaded them to take pictures of themselves and to perform sexual acts through webcam.

He also created another Facebook account under the name of Dan McPherson, offering as much as $1,000 to $4,000 to the young boys if they would let him use them sexually. Several allegedly agreed, sending him their names, addresses, and bank accounts. However, he never made good with his promise and no money was ever paid.

Police still do not know who the woman in the picture that Hore used is and are still looking for information. In fact, it’s still unsure whether it’s just a random picture Hore stole online or if it’s someone that he actually knows in real life. Detective Sergeant Scott Anderson of Christchurch South Police has said that they would be very interested in hearing from anyone who might know who the woman in the picture is.

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