Police: Live-Streaming Shooting Death On Facebook Is Not Illegal

skeleton_hackerPolice in Fayetteville, North Carolina, have decided not to charge a person who streamed a shooting victim’s dying moments on Facebook Live. According to the officials, the person responsible for the video was not involved in the shooting and didn’t actually break any laws.

 The video was filmed at a motel after 27-year-old Calvin Louis Blackshire Jr., the father of a one-year-old child, was robbed and shot there. The video was ten minutes long and appeared to show people standing over Blackshire and not assisting him. For its part, Facebook removed the video and helped law enforcement officials identify the person who posted it.

 “That is despicable and, if that was your brother or your father laying dying on the ground, would you do something like that… I just want to know who in the world with any kind of decency would do something like that?” the victim’s mother, Pamela Blackshire, said at a news conference. “It’s a shame they couldn’t be arrested for watching someone dying and not assisting.”

 “You could see people standing over my son, taking pictures, as if he was on a slideshow,” she added.

 It’s worth noting that police actually agreed with the victim’s mother’s assessment, calling the Facebook Live video “despicable.” However, the fact there’s no law on the book for prosecuting people who live stream a tragedy without helping goes to show just how much our legal system needs to catch up with current technology use.