US Military Personnel Warned to Scrub Social Media Accounts to Shield from ISIS Targeting

word " danger " on a red shieldThe Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued a joint bulletin on Sunday night warning US service members to remove any information from their social media accounts that could be used by ISIS to target them.

Islamic radicals use social media to spread propaganda and to seek out sympathizers for possible recruitment. It’s also possible that service members and their families could be targeted in terrorist attacks.

Fox News reported on a similar warning last month.

Social media is a great way for members of the military to stay in contact with family and friends. However, it’s important that they are careful not to post any information that could be used against them and their loved ones.

Listed below area few privacy tips that  can help shield sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands:

  1. Don’t post any public photos – use generic images for Facebook profile and cover photos
  2. Remove any public information that references military service
  3. Remove any profile information and posts that contains location data of service members and their family
  4. Use privacy and security settings of social media platforms to lock down account visibility

Even though the War on Terror rages in the Middle East, it’s essential that precautions are taken to protect online identities from possible targeting and attack.


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