Facebook Challenged Abroad Again Over Its Privacy Practices

Facebook is once again under fire overseas for its data and privacy policies, this time in the Netherlands. Two non-profits have filed litigation against the social media giant alleging that its collection of user data has no legal basis under the country’s laws. The groups are suing for compensation for individuals while also calling for the end of Facebook’s data collection practices.

This week, a Dutch court ruled that the litigation can move forward, and now both cases will be heard in October. This is a major setback for Facebook, which had attempted to have the litigation thrown out.

“Facebook has tried to throw up all kinds of legal hurdles and to delay this case as much as possible but fortunately the company has not succeeded,” a Dutch regulator said. “Now we can really get to work and ensure that consumers get what they are entitled to.”

For its part, Facebook reiterated that it already gives users adequate control of their data.

“We care about our users in the Netherlands and protecting their privacy is important to us,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “Users have meaningful control over the data that they share on Facebook and we provide transparency around how their data is used.”

With cases like this mounting around the world, hopefully Facebook is forced to strengthen user privacy and cease some of its most egregious data collection practices. However, the company’s business model is built on gathering our private info, so it will never stop completely.

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