Facebook Willing To Pay You For Your Data

A few months ago, Facebook shut down its market research app Onavo after it was revealed the company was paying teenagers to access data off their phones. However, Facebook didn’t let the idea die for the long. This week, the company released its “Study from Facebook” app exclusively for Android, which will collect extra data from users in exchange for payment.

Of course, Facebook bent over backwards to emphasize that users who download the app will have their information kept safe and private.

“We have a responsibility to keep people’s information safe and secure. With this app, we’re collecting the minimum amount of information needed to help us build better products,” Facebook wrote in a blog post announcing the app. “Approaching market research in a responsible way is really important. Transparency and handling people’s information responsibly have guided how we’ve built Study from Facebook.”

Facebook said the app will gather information like how much time users spend on their phones, where they live, and what apps they are using. However, it will not collect user IDs, passwords, or any content they share. It also won’t use the data it gathers to target ads.

Still, despite all these promises, it’s hard to see the upside in giving Facebook even more data. An extra twenty bucks a month is nice, but hardly seems worth compromising your privacy.

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