Facebook’s Privacy Practices Blasted By New Apple Feature

There has long been a rivalry between Apple and Facebook, and it’s easy to understand why. They are the two most dominant tech companies in the market, and they’re in constant competition for the same customers. That’s why Apple has taken steps to differentiate itself by doubling down on user privacy. This week, the company made its biggest power move yet against Facebook when it announced a new “Sign In With Apple” feature that it will require all developers to include above Facebook and Google’s similar sign-in tools.

During its announcement of the new feature, Apple wasn’t exactly subtle as it took shots at Facebook’s own log-in —and the privacy woes that its data tracking has caused.

At Apple, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right and we engineer it into every single thing we do,” Apple Senior Vice President Craig Federighi said.

These easy log-in buttons, he continued, “can be convenient, but it also can come at the cost of your privacy. Your personal information sometimes gets shared behind the scenes. These logins can be used to track you.”

Apple says that with its new log-in technology, users will be able to hide their email addresses from app developers, and prevent those same developers from sharing their information with marketers. That means advertisers will not be able to use their private information to target content.

While this new feature hasn’t officially launched, it could have major ramifications for online privacy rights. Here’s hoping that it pushes Facebook to strengthen its own protections.

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