Leaked Facebook Memo Says Too Much Of It Is Bad For You

Plenty of Facebook’s critics have described the company as having a toxic effect on society. Including, apparently, some of Facebook’s own executives.

This week, an internal memo from longtime Facebook executive Andrew “Boz” Bosworth leaked in The New York Times. The message, which was first distributed to Facebook employees late last year, owns up to the fact that Facebook’s advertising was partially responsible for the election of president Donald Trump in 2016. It also makes the case that it’s up to users how they want to use the platform, and that it isn’t the company’s responsibility to regulate its consumption. As a metaphor, Bosworth drew a comparison to harmful drugs and food.

“While Facebook may not be nicotine I think it is probably like sugar. Sugar is delicious and for most of us there is a special place for it in our lives. But like all things it benefits from moderation,” Bosworth wrote. “If I want to eat sugar and die an early death that is a valid position.”

While this isn’t exactly a shocking statement to hear about Facebook, it’s certainly surprising when coming from one of the tech giant’s own leaders. If Facebook itself thinks it’s a problem for society, how exactly are we supposed to feel?

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