Report: Facebook Gaming Platform Is Full Of Scams

Four years ago, Facebook launched a gaming platform to compete with Amazon’s popular Twitch streaming site. However, after an initially promising launch, users have complained that the site is now overrun with fake videos and strange scams.

According to a report this week in Bloomberg, some of these videos include weird montages of chiropractic practices, scam ads for diet pills, and footage from a military game claiming to be real video from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, despite these problems and the fact that many Facebooking Gaming users are abandoning the platform, the company considers it a success. It also says that it has the security measures in place to address this fraudulent content.

According to a Facebook Gaming spokesperson, the company moderates the platform with a “blend of proactive detection and reports made by people.” The company also said that it can “automatically identify and demote videos that are tagged as a game but are displaying non-gameplay content to artificially gain reach on our platform.” However, if these frustrated users are to be believed, the company needs to do a much better job of cleaning up its platform. But with its attention spread across so many different controversies, it seems unlikely the social media giant will prioritize the security of its gaming platform anytime soon.

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