Facecrooks Weekly Roundup – December 12, 2010


Perhaps the biggest untold news story is the number of survey scams that were circulating on Facebook this past week. Some of them were old standbys lingering around and still being spread by the uninformed, while many were brand new and malicious in their intent.

Several stories have been featured recently on the importance of keeping your guard up during the holiday season. People are looking for deals to save a buck or two, and scammers are definitely using this to their advantage. It is a time honored cliché, and it is for good reason, so remember, “If a deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” Don’t let a scammer spoil your holiday cheer! Stay informed on the latest scams, verify “special deals” before purchasing, and help educate your friends and loved ones on the internet and threats that could do them harm

Other stories we followed this week relating to privacy and safety issues of social networking sites are listed below:

Web Surfing Activity Vulnerable to ‘History Sniffing’ Report Says – by PC Magazine

The new Facebook Profile – Any cause for alarm?

Facebook breaches Korean data laws, has 30 days to respond to complaints

How the Redesigned Profile’s Recently Tagged Photos Panel Can Be Abused

Facebook mobile dasboard now gives more privacy controls

Study finds most social media users do not check shared links for malware

Scams of the Week

‘OMG!! One Cute Girl Killed Herself After Raped By Her Step-Brother !!’ Facebook Scam

‘OMG!! Have you found out who YOUR SEXMIRER is:’ Facebook Scam


‘Five things every girl does before she meets her boyfriend – LOL’ Facebook Scam

Fake Facebook Toolbar – Facebook Message

‘I got you a surprise’ Facebook Message

Other notable Facebook stories we followed:

State Department Warns Students Not To Link WikiLeaks On Facebook

Facebook: Winklevoss twins launch another suit against Mark Zuckerberg

Should You Accept Mom & Dad’s Facebook Friend Request? [FLOWCHART]

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