Jennifer Petkov – Her Grudge was Her Downfall

jpetkovIt cannot be denied that there will always be creeps who act first and think later. One such creep is Jennifer Petkov.

Petkov has a longstanding “feud” with her neighbors, the Edwards. It started about two years ago when the Edwards had a party. Petkov apparently sent her neighbors a note, asking them if it would be alright for her kids to come and play at the Edwards. It was just unfortunate that the Edwards did not reply that soon. Thinking that she and her children had been snubbed, Petkov held a grudge. The feud started and has been escalating ever since.

Petkov, the more outspoken neighbor, began harassing the Edwards. Aside from snide comments and malicious practical jokes, Petkov even went as far as laughing at and taunting Laura Edward and her daughter Kathleen. Laura at that time was suffering from Huntington’s disease, and so was daughter. The disease took Laura’s life last year, while Kathleen continued to battle the disease and is now suffering from its final stages.

The attacks increased that the Edwards were forced to take Kathleen inside whenever the Petkov’s truck, decorated in a very morbid way and complete with a coffin, drives past by their home. There would also be yells of “I can’t wait until you die” and other nastier comments made by the Petkovs. But what made the incident worse was when Petkov posted a photo of Kathleen and Laura on Facebook.

The photo was that of Laura in the grips of the grim reaper and of Kathleen with crossed bones set under her head. Michelle Yerigian, a friend of the Edward family, notified the media which then led to the police investigation. What Petkov did sparked the anger not only of their neighbors but also the online international community as well that, pretty soon, Facebook support pages for Kathleen were made, condemning the Petkovs and what they did.

Petkov publicly apologized to the family, admitting that what she did was spiteful, ignorant, and uncalled for. She would have approached the family to ask for forgiveness, but the court ordered her to stay away from the Edwards.

The Petkovs are suffering the consequences of what they did. Her husband nearly lost his job from what she did. Their eldest child was even sent home by the school when their child got into an argument with another student about the Internet photos.

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