Man Allegedly Robs Former Classmate Hours After Friending Him On Facebook

unfriendAccording to police in New Bedford, Massachusetts, a man robbed his former high school classmate mere hours after adding him as a friend on Facebook.

33-year-old Euclides Semedo received a friend request from his former classmate, 31-year-old Steve Gomes, asking him how he was doing and if he wanted to get together and catch up. Semedo replied that he was working that day until 3:30 p.m. According to cops, Gomes then broke into Semedo’s home at about 11 a.m. that very same day, stealing a Playstation 4, a tablet, jewelry and more. Semedo’s wife was in the bathroom when the robbery occurred and got a good look at the suspect, and Gomes was arrested shortly after noon. But to add insult to injury, the suspect kicked the Semedos’ pet dog on the way out of the apartment with the stolen items.

“I’m a Christian. If he needed help, he could have come to me and I would have given him the shirt off my back,” Semedo said. “I don’t know what this city is coming to.”

As sad as the situation is, it’s a good illustration of why it’s best not to believe everything you read on Facebook. Even notes that seem to come from friends aren’t always safe — though in this case, there’s no way Semedo could’ve known the full extent of his former friend’s plans.