New App Prevents Facebook From Tracking Mobile Users Across Web

tinfoilIt’s not a secret: Facebook is hungry for more of its user’s data. That even includes their browsing information all across the web at sites that Facebook has nothing to do with. For mobile users who find that kind of behavior tracking creepy, there’s a new app that can help them maintain their privacy. The app, Tinfoil, effectively puts the mobile Facebook site in a “wrapper” that prevents the site from tracking user browsing habits.

While the app is not without its kinks (many users have complained in the app’s reviews that they can’t post, tag or post pictures) the overall idea is a good one, and most of the issues will likely be worked out over time.  While it’s certainly a good thing for privacy-concerned users to protect themselves on Facebook, apps like this one raise an important question: should users really have to download a third-party app to safeguard their information from the very site they’re using in the first place? Protecting yourself from hackers is one thing, but from one of the biggest websites in the world?

As Facebook continues seeking more information from users, security measures like this one will only become more commonplace. But users will eventually hit a point when they ask whether it’s worth it to use the site at all if doing so means needing to take a host of extra security measures.