Facecrooks Weekly Roundup – January 2, 2011

Social-Media-News-BHappy New Year to everyone! We hope 2011 is a great year for you ahead!

This past week saw a lot of reflection on the top stories of 2010, and the social media gurus made their predictions for what may be in store for 2011. One thing they all agree on is that Facebook and other social networking sites will continue to be a top target for scammers, spammers and other malicious activity. Make sure your computer is protected, and verify that you have tightened up your privacy settings on any social sites you frequent. A member of the Facecrooks Community had a great suggestion this morning. Even if you have edited your profile settings for maximum privacy, be sure to revisit them often to make sure they have not been reset to their default values.

Top Stories relating Privacy & Safety we followed this past wee are listed below:

Get Better Privacy and Less Chat Annoyance with Facebook Lists

2011 Security Preview: Apple, Facebook Beware

How to back up your social media data

Delete Older Facebook Apps — or Risk Everyone’s Privacy

Legal settlement reached over student’s Facebook comments about teacher

Scams of the Week:

SHOCKING – > Kid getting SHOT on Google Earth: Street View

Facebook Credits (New Year) (2011)

[Dec 29th]Miley Cyrus Latest video

shocking! 7 girls killed principle when he gonna attempt to rape in the classroom!

My first Status was: “random post” . This was posted on [random date]

See Your First Status

465 Free Horseshoes New Year Bonus [Zynga] (Click Here)

Other notable Facebook stories we followed:

Predatory Pervert poses as new classmate to target children

Beware the Facebook “awkwardhaha” scam

North Carolina man allegedly uses Facebook to distribute child pornography

Facebook photo op with placenta gets nursing student booted from JCCC

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